Web Application & Database Programing

Effective interaction with your website visitors is key to the success of any website.
Web applicationsand online databases can open up a wealth of possibilities for you
and your website visitors. 

Using interactive forms and online databases you can collect data, or provide up to the
minute information on goods and services. The use of secure web applications gives you
and your mobile staff the ability to manage your business from many location and
enhance the effectiveness of your online presence.

We design and implement business solutions in the following areas:


  Industry Specific Applications

  Remote Website Administration
  Dynamic Web Content

  Interactive Web Features

  User Profile Registration & Log in

Some of the Internet and Intranet applications we have created are:

  Hotel Reservation System for MICROS OPERA

  Video Rentals system like NetFlix  (http://www.videomatica.ca)

  Document sharing and management system (http://www.radisys.com)

  Numerous e-commerce sales system

  Film Industry Casting software (http://www.castingworkbook.com)